Vie Scope/Tactical Bougie Introducer

HCVI has partnered with Adroit Surgery and has adopted the Vie Scope/Tactical Bougie Introducer as the preferred method of emergency intubation, replacing standard direct laryngoscopy and video-assisted laryngoscopy. Adroit Surgery has been very kind to have donated adequate quantities to fully meet the current needs of MOAS in Ukraine.

  • Adroit has developed a patented method for securing the difficult airway in emergency situations that is an alternative to a video laryngoscopy and in some cases cricothyroidotomy. The first two introductory products are disrupting the current standard of care, making intubation faster, safer, and less expensive. The Vie Scope® offers Paramedics and Doctors the unique ability to handle all adult intubations using only one device. The direct line of sight view for the user will lower patient complications as well as save time, money, and most importantly lives.

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